Precast parts

We manufacture molded parts from high-quality refractory concretes for industrialand general furnace construction. Our molded bricks are manufactured to meet our customer’s specific requirements.

Turbine stirrer Eco Click – the innovation for aluminum melting furnaces

  • Eco Click – the reinforcement-free stirrer for iron-free melts
  • rapid dissolution of swarf
  • easy assembly / disassembly with screw system
  • no reinforcement – no contamination of the melt in case of breakage
  • extended service lifetime

Drain Bricks

The development of Drain Bricks is the result of more than 40 years of experience and innovation in the construction of emergency run-out pits. Originally developed to safely separate molten metal and water on the furnace street, we see a wide range of application of these water and water vapor permeable and highly compacted paving bricks today.

Outstanding properties of Drain Bricks:

  • hardness and wear resistance are comparable to conventional firebricks
  • properly laid, a dimensionally stable and resistant surface is created
  • each brick can be replaced individually
  • Drain Bricks are available in various shapes and sizes